small kenevans - ebay

whats with the higher supply of aussie steel? this one is good for the smaller legged, very clean…

Ken Evans Steel Fixed Gear Track Bike Fixie - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 05-Jul-10 22:30:04 AEST)

Looks quite nice. Occasionally some old track rider comes along and sells a good bike with a non-pretentious auction and starting price. It’s refreshing to see amongst all the other crap some people try to sell on ebay.

Some close-ups of the frame would be nice though.

That said. Why beat around the bush when the seller has you waiting 5 out of 7 days then pulls the auction if it does’nt look like reaching their price or has mates bid against you. And starting at 99 cents cost fuck all to list.

seen this at the track

it is very nice, was raced by a non pretentious a-grader in his 20s (not some old guy!)

i would purchase if it was my size

this is now sold

So you were right manbau – pulled from ebay before auction complete.

it reached the asking price

And thats all that matters. I will pull any auction for someone who wants it , after all, Ebay already has their cut through listing .
But beware, I paid for a Cinelli saddle from sweden and the guy cancelled the auctin but never saw what I paid for and had no comeback.

i knew this would pop up here. Im in the fight too.

did you snag it outside ebay?

Dag nammit! I wanted that. Could have collected it too. Oh well, something better must be destined to come along.

mm, bit small for me but ill see how it goes i guess