small Koga Miyata with original parts in Melbz

Good buying, 52cm (although I think that’s perhaps c-t), with what looks like all Dura-Ace including the stem, and Mavic MA2 rims which are highly regarded. If you’re short and have $500 then I’d be on this like aboriginal activists on the PM’s blue suede shoe.

Koga Miyata Pro Full Shimano Dura Ace Vintage Collectible Rare Road Bike | eBay

You will need one of the below before you can make it ridable though, as it’s missing the lockring sprocket currently, so the rest of the sprockets will move around on the freehub.

Shimano Dura-Ace 6-Speed UG Uniglide Cassette 13-21 NIB | eBay
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Or just the smaller Dura Ace threaded lockring sprocket. (Normal Uniglide ones don’t fit.)

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This is my bike. Just sadly pulled it from the 'Bay as my other bike (Hillbrick conversion) got stolen last night from Footscray - see post up in stolen. Anyone who can assist in location of the Hillbrick would get first dibs on the Koga.