small run decal/sticker printers in melbourne?

Anybody got a hot tip on a local printer to get decals for frames made?

I only need one done but all the places I’ve looked at have a minimum print run of 100+ !

A mate of mine used to work at a local join around my area, he always had some crazy sticker covered helmet/bike. ill see if he’s still in action and ill let you know. He’d be able to sort something out for you. The other alternative is to print it out on sheets of sticker paper that you can buy at office works, or similar style places, I think its about $15 for 5 or 10 A4 sheets, you print it out as per normal, then cover it in clear coat spray, before adhering it to your surface. the adhesive is about $4 a can at your local hardware.

I had the same dilemma a few months back, I printed it out myself and clear coated them for weatherproofing, and there still going fine.

Good luck,

Thanks hitachis. I looked into officeworks but I need white text on a clear background, which I’m pretty sure can’t be done there! I’ve sent of a RFQ to a place that’s under $100 for 250, which might turn out to be ok.

pm user kaaos, aka Goran. hes hooked me up a few times before.