small SHOGUN Alpine GT nsw

not the best era of this sick bike but still sick! my dear mum lives in the mountains if anyone needs help picking it up etc

Shogun Alpine GT Touring Bike Shimano RSX 21 Speed 19" Great Touring L’Eroica in Sydney, NSW | eBay

Want but need money for xmas

…these small frame sizes, never get my head around them. Anyway, my girlfriend is around 1.65m with rather shortish legs, do you guys think I could get that as a touring bike for her or is it too small? She rides a 52 road bike which is too big for her but she got it for free and even rides her Triathlons on it.

Marc: would be perfect for her. I’m 165 and would buy/ride that if I needed a tourer or hardy commuter.

Nice, will keep my eyes on it.