Small workbench ideas for vice and wheel truing stand...

I’m asking the brain trust here for some ideas on a smallish but very stable table or workbench to mount a Park TS2.2 truing stand and a vice to. I’ve been looking for a while now and nothing jumps out. Path of last resort would be a rolling toolbox with a flat worktop, but perhaps someone here has some good ideas on truing stand workspaces… The vice is a 150mm standard type.

Do you hae the tools to build your own…

Ends up pretty cheap
2 x treated pine fence posts = $20
1 x treated pine 300mm x 40mm 2.4m sleepers = $17
2 x treated pine fence railings =$20
bag of Gal batten screws =$8
timber glue $6
4 hrs of your time

Tools required

Hand saw
planer to make it all smooth

Get a plan of interweb


the rat man speaketh the truth!

anything wooden that is nice and heavy will do the job. then you can just screw straight into it anything that you want to attach

I am clearing my garage out, I have a fold up workbench, that I used for exactly this- it is very heavy and have a 6" vice mounted on it - still got the holes drilled.
I am in Brisbane, so may not be of any help but anyway- pm if interested

Find a rare frame or some rare hardcore 7 inch’s and get erle to build you one. He made me some great spoke box’s storage holders which fit dt spokes box’s perfectly in a busy shop you can easily hold a few grands worth of spokes. All it took was a wristy and a few wheel builds.