Smallest hand pump?

Thinking about getting a new hand pump to put in a saddle bag.

Want to go as small as possible.

So far the ‘Crank Brothers Power Pump’ is winning at 143mm length…

can anything come close to that or beat it?

stick with your first idea, the high pressure/high volume settings make it the easiest mini mini ive had for getting up to road pressures. small enough to fit in a saddle bag, pocket or won’t take up much room in your bag

Works for me. 160mm long but it looks slimmer than the Crank Bros one and is about 1/3 lighter.

I have a Topeak Micro Rocket AL which I keep in a saddle bag. 16cm long, a bit over 2cm wide, and they claim it can do 160psi, but 50-60 is a more realistic comfortable value. Probably a lot cheaper than anything by Crank Bros. I just use it to get a bit of air in the tube and get everything seated properly before blasting in the CO2.

I did like my Crank Bros pump (i had the PowerPump) but some people who borrowed it had issues with getting the pressure above 50-60psi. i found it did take a bit of extra pumping due to the high-pressure/low volume setting but it worked fine (patience like many things is the key).

i upgraded to a PDW magic flute (bday present) and prefer it even if it is a little larger.

I’ve got a Topeak Pocket Rocket (or something similar cant remember the exact name). It’s small, decent price, strong and you can get decent PSI out of it without having a heart attack

I have been looking for one of the nickee, please point me into the right direction.

PDW stuff?

Crino Cycles in north fitzroy or Fitzroy Rev… one has them ticketed higher than the other, but the ticket price is far more flexible :wink:

they arent as cheap as topeak et al, but they look and feel very sturdy.

i have the topeak microrocket and there is no way it even gets close to 160 psi like advertised

I have one of these too, It is small and very light but you would have to have the arms of a Hulk Hogan to get to 160. I’ve got to about 90 with mine (just to see how hard I could go) but it was bloody hard work. I generally use CO2 but carry the rocket in case of dire emergency

I’ve got a couple of these too - good pumps. I’m sure I get 90-100psi pretty easily. There is a carbon version of exactly the same thing but you pay $40 or more extra to save about 25 or 20 grams!

I have a mini pump, but really IMO, the best thing apart from CO2, is the Zefal frame pump. You don’t have to carry them in a bag and you can swap them from bike to bike. You get much better psi than the small ones.
They’re only $32 on Wiggle, but about $70 here.

Also have a topeak mikro, it sits in my bag and it’s a good small pump.

+1 for the zefal. I had a number of small pumps and then got one of these. They have different sizes so you have to get one to fit your frame but it means I have a high pressure pump with no hassle of carrying it around.

Otherwise co2 is your friend.

I like my Topeak Micro, so small, light and gets me rollin again.

Good to see it also comes with presta and schrader attachments as well.

AirBone supernova pocket pump only 99mm! Plus it comes in 8 colours for all your colour coding needs.

I’ve also got a Topeak Micro Rocket pump and have been very happy with it.

Anyone know where to get an Airbone ??
(the 12cm is rated to 130psi)

ProBikeKit if you’re willing to buy online.