Smoothest Trackstand Ever!

Check out this trackstand at the Munich 6 day.

keep an ear and eye out for the spectacular light and sound show, revolution eat your heart out


Geez, the crowd loved it!

Pretty Impressive!

goddamn, nice apartment…trackstands pretty impressive too.

I’m having a difficult time seeing past the black dress. Such a sucker for a black dress!

pfft… If that was a wiry guy with tats and tight jeans you’d all be like “what a dick - posting an image of himself doing a lame trackstand”.

What would Erik do?


He’d form a train, lead himself out, and take the win.

Remember when you broke your collarbone? He didn’t give a shit.

So true, so true :evil:

I’d still have trouble looking past the black dress :wink:

what if it was a tattooed douchebag in a black dress