Sneak peek of the backpack...

i’ve been looking for a backpack and this looks like it could fit the bill.

but… how many bicardi breezers (watermelon flavour) can i stash in it?

more importantly, what about west coast coolers?

This will be the first bag I spend more than $100 on.
I cant wait for general release.

it’s very good and the changes that Jamie has since made have made it even better.

it’s in a different category to the BO Gear bag as its most definitely a courierengering bag. To be honest it’s too much bag for my daily commuting needs, but when that wiggle/PBK box arrives on the same day i’m doing groceries it doesn’t even blink. it doesn compress down to a much smaller bag when needed.

a wise ex-courier once said ‘you can tell the good bags as they just get better the more you put in them’. this is very true of my pack, as there’s a lot of good thinking behind the design and no cut corners which often show up when the bag is faced with large or odd loads.

i’ve managed to easily strap/fit some foolish loads and if you’ve seen andys shots you can also see what it will do.

dont you have a SGB sling bag? its a lot like that in its design but he tweaked the shape a bit to make the bag ‘more vertical’ plus made the straps contoured and backpack-like.

i’ve also recently tried his extension straps and they are another seemingly simple product that works very well.

Yeah, I’ve got the SGB sling (which i LOVE!), but im having some issues with my back at the moment and I really want to go to a backpack.

Been looking for a new backpack as mine barely fits my laptop, this will be on the christmas wishlist fo sho

thought i might chuck a photo of mine up, have been working with it for a few months now and other than the size (as dave has said, its not really big enough for a courier bag) it has been wonderful!

pretty stoked on how the us woodland camo looks too :wink:

will put up some more detailed pics on the weekend showing a good few months of courier-use on the bag :slight_smile:

even spotted on the front page of prolly, on bradfords back !

Okay… it’s been a while, but here is the latest info on the pack: Medium Backpack | Abuser Team Update!

It will become available for pre-order very very soon… I know I keep saying that, but honest it will be soon!

While i am impressed with the development of this, i’m more amused by reading the words around the post and suspecting i know which abuser suggested some of the improvements/adjustments. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the new version!

makes me want a new one now…

I am holding out on getting a bag as I want this one. My back is getting worse, so hurry up! :slight_smile: