Sneak peek @ some new Velocity stuff

When I see one on the road I’ll know who to blame.

Those are the quite ones…

Oh and I have been blamed for much worse…

i want to see what non-prescription meds the designers are charging to their expense accounts…and then avoid them

Inspiration perhaps? ahem… remember this collabo?

I hope they don’t print many, I dont know who’s gunna buy them.
Why not just print new colours or chrome finish deep V’s?

We did some work with this company’s stuff a while back. Spray on chrome for prototype headlamp shells.

Have seen a Lexus done in it. You can get small kits locally.

is it any good?? its looks mad in the photos on the ite…

I have a carbon frame at home that had what was called shadow chrome done then a red candy dyed clear put over the top. Looked like inch deep anodized aluminium. Some of the cooler things I have seen are the heat reactive paints. Guys were doing an airbrushed mural on the bonnet of a car then the heat reactive paint over the top. Looked like a solid colour then when the engine got hot the paint went clear so you see the mural showing through. When it cooled the mural went away.


Woohoo finally i have found some rims to match the colour scheme of my bike.

Just when i was thinking i was going to have to scribble all over my wheels, someone has already done it for me.