So contador has announced he is riding tdf, who is going to beat him??

Came home from a night on the tiles and watched the last 5k of the dauphine stage, evans goes out the back door dropped by vino, wiggins and vdb, none of which are lighting up the road. basso may as well not be in the same race, schleck rides a positively pissweak tour of california (do you really think radioshack will look the same in week 3 of a grand tour). rodriguez is hot and very cold. the basques can’t run a tt. menchov, sastre, nibali, scarponi all look like ameteurs in the giro.

Meanwhile that steak loving spaniard smokes the mountains in the supposedly hardest giro ever, backs it up with a great tt (including plenty of fingerbang time in the last km). I just don’t see a realistic threat at the moment

Does anyone forsee a real challenge?

The only ones who could beat Dertie are the CAS. But they wont.

Shaping up to be a dullish tour. The battle will be for 2nd place.

I am not so sure. 3 weeks of hard racing can change things up massively. And riders don’t want to be peaking now. I don’t think Shleck has been realistically going into the red and he won’t want to be in top shape until it starts. Bertie on the other hand, has had to be on song from May. There is a reason why the last person to do the double did it in 98, and even then it was on the back of Festina!

You may well be right, but I wouldn’t go crying the death of the race yet!

That’s quite an interesting statistic.

The good old Tour de Dopage

Yeh, I get that all of the GC contenders are trying to peak just in time for TdF, but I reckon that Bertie’s chemists are better than everyone else’s.

I sure as hell hope that we see some ripper battles, would love to see Andy or Cadel (or anyone) take it to to Clentador in the big hills. I’ll be sitting up on the big nights hoping for it.