So here's a strange question

I want Luis Vuitton embossed leather for handlebar tape/saddle, in black, and preferably last winters black/black patent type. I want fake, decent, leather or vinyl. But in a hide, not cut from bags. Does anyone know where I can get that?
Shit could be so sweet!

busyman cycles.



from louis vuitton


Get me some weed while your there.

Some good advice in this thread I am told:

hahaha. careful liam, the forum could collapse in on itself if dyldo was to ask himself a question in his own thread…

Like if you google google?

Don’t even joke about it!!!1!!1!1!

i’m gonna do it…

Fucking extreme man… drink some redbull!

feature length video out soon with GOOGLE collabo and limited edition “fixie” keyboard…

^ Got a teaser before the video drops?

oh yeah, for sure, will load it onto vimeo once it renders on my mac…

Yahoo is doing something similar. More epic though.

Black and white?

  • slow mo… and big text over the top. You know it.

lots of focus pulls.

think they got rapha involved.