So heres my idea

Ok so heres my idea

So i was just at home drinking and i came up with an amazing idea.

I live out of brisbane but only in the Morten Bay Shire (Previously known as the Pine Rivers Shire)
Anyway was out riding earlier yesterday morning. Heading down Francis Rd, when i came to the realisation that i can infact ride from from my place to Samford and back and have enjoyed a nice coffee and still hammer myself on some nice hills and road. Then another idea came to my head…hang on you can also do some pretty nice drag races and skid comps on Franics Rd francis rd - Google Maps (Thats a google maps link) Nice straight road, barely ever any cars during the day on a weekend.

So this is what i came up with,

A small round trip leaving from Francis Rd (Lawton Station End) to Samford village, for a coffee or something then heading back to Welcome to Club Pine Rivers On Francis Rd for a drink or two or even a bistro lunch WHAT EVER floats ones boat. The trip has alot of nice hills and flat riding and return is between 40 and 50k, depending on which route we take. Also the route has some nice eye candy going past north pine dam and through some lovely state forest and bush. Below is map i quickly did in google map just showing the route via the dam.
Francis Rd, Brisbane QLD to Samford Village QLD - Google Maps

Anyway i dont want to set a date or anything but im thinking this would be a nice replacement for the Saturday/Sunday morning rides you guys do or even a mini meet we can. Im not too sure honestly whats everyone elses opinion?? I havent really contributed to anything here thats been worth while and i thought i should chuck this idea in and see what can be done with it!

Oh and if you feel keen you can do this route on your Mountain Bike and we can stop off at some quick and nice and easy trails along the way (few nice ones on Winn road that are frequently visited by alot of trail junkies on a weekend)

This sounds like an awesome ride!

Im keen.