So I gone and forked up....

So I grabbed a new fork of aliexpress and wasn’t paying that much attention and ended up witha fork with an OD of 50mm. Now the issue is I was planning on installing this on a frame with a 1 1/8 standard headtube ie not using an integrated headset. Is there some whizz bang adapter bottom headset I can use or do I just cut my losses and hock it?

50mm?? The steerer or the crown race seat? I’m intrigued.

I think the crown race seat, taking a 30 mm crown race. If so I should be fine. I’ve emailed the seller otherwise it’s in the post and I’ll just see what turns up on my door. I’m pretty sure something was lost in translation. I may have just confused myself

A 30mm crown race will not sit on a 50mm seat no matter the adaptor.

  • joel