So I rode my fixed at a skatepark last night...

It was awkward and weird. It was dark, I was the only one there (thank god) and none of the quarters or banks were really big enough to actually have fun on.

Oh, and I didn’t go to the park purely to ride it… it was on my way home… I swear!

did you do any sweet jumps?

When I got my first fixed my fiend said in his best Napolean Dynamite voice “have you taken it off of any sweet jumps?” It killed me cause I totally wasn’t expecting it.

But nah, I just rolled around, carved on the quarter and bank, rolled over the pyramid. Cause everything was so small, it was kinda hard to actually do anything.

I’ll stick to skateboarding at skate-parks.

that’s for a reason. How old ARE you?

How old ARE you? :smiley:

I’m 28. Old enough to still enjoy skateboarding at parks.

By everything being small, the bank was about 2 metres four foot tall, same with the quarter.

were you at riverslide, cause that park is tiny, its like a hamster skatepark. i miss the one that was at QV, good times.

Nah, I live in Adelaide. I was at the Semaphore park.

I did skate the park near Seddon earlier this year. Awesome litle park.

i always wondered what that would be like but was too afraid the little kids would laugh at me when i stacked. I guess realistically you need to work up to get air off the pipes or doing sweet grinds. Also spd pedals and some shoes that aren’t totally fucked wouldn’t go astray. Much better than flats n straps or spd-sl.

I used to skate back in the day (still got my board somewhere too). good times

Fuck. I could be your dad. What’s your Mum’s name? :evil: