So I'm coming over to Melbourne.

In October (10/11/12th). I’m considering bringing my bike over (we’re driving). Anyone want to meet up and go for a spin? I’ll be staying near the Crown casino.

sure thing. i’ll prob have a spare bike, if you don’t cart yours over. you playing shows?

Awesome! Thanks.

Nah, not playing shows. It’s a family trip with my girlfriend’s family… they’re all going to see Wicked. I’m not.

Thanks again!

I’d love to go for a smash. Always good to put a face to a name.

Cool. I’ll make sure I bring the 5 Star then.

I’ll be staying on Exhibition, and only really going to have the Saturday free. PM me and I’ll give you my number if you want to ride.

or go get drunk.

or ride to some pubs, then get drunk.

I’m easy… and even easier after a few drinks.

Sat 0730 Federation Square. There may be one or two people there for a ride :wink:

or if you’re not that keen on early rising, generally they swing back through the city at 11:30 or so, might even ride past and pick you up.

I’ll try to make it Saturday morning… but it seems unlikely. 11.30 sounds better though.

Also, is there any decent bands playing on Saturday night…? I can’t be arsed looking through the Mess & Noise site. Pretty much any decent indie / mathy / noisy stuff.

There’s a house show that the Diamond Sea and some other bands are playing, in Coburg, on Saturday night. The address is on their myspace, I think.