so i've got this repco superlite

I managed to bag a repco superlite with a bent fork for free ages ago…it’s just been sitting there eying me malevolently. Well I’ve now come across a decent set of wheels for cheap and I’m thinking it’s time to strip the frame down properly and build it up. I don’t really need to ride it any time soon, so I can keep an eye out for bargains.

I need front and rear derailleurs, a crankset and brake levers. I don’t really know much about bike bits. What’s good enough to be usable and cheap enough to stick on this frame without getting the feeling I’m putting a nice hat on a pig?

Also, the frame has downtube shifters that are integrated into the downtube, so I’d need something that will work with them.


They are not light but they ride alright, I did about 3000ks on this before I sold it off (only to get the frame boomerang’d so its getting rebuilt as a pub bike). Mine is extra cool with the Brahma 1000 stickers!

i’ve got one of them. ebay cheapy which i was running fixed until i picked up my trac frame. its still hanging on my wall, and im umming and ahhin about what to do with it. if i can find a cheapish rear track wheel it might become fixed again, but ive still got all the derailleurs etc lying around. its a nice frame, will make a good commuter/pub bike, depending on what i do with it…

maybe a cheap powdercoat could inspire me…

I agree. For some reason, I can’t get the idea of a pink frame out of my head.

Mine is being pub biked with a singespeed on a cluster freehub

Gday guys, to dredge up an old topic, I just scored one of these of a neighbor for free. I lookin at putting a fixed wheel on it, just need to find one cheap. I plan on making it a cheap fixie, as its my first one and I figure I can always upgrade the parts over time and then buy a new frame to put em on.

Do many people ride these fixed? They seem to be a dime a dozen. Also, how hard is it to dispose of the shifters on the down tube? Just hack em off, tidy it up and paint?


what a coincidence
i picked one up today as well!
but i need help with getting the dowtube shifter things off too

i used a rasp file , put frame in vice (with pading) and about 10mins of elbow grease and presto all good and clean.If u use an angle grinder you can mark the frame and then no powder coat will save you.

Lots of info and enthusiasm for the Repco Superlite in the Repco Appreciation Society thread at BNA.

Cheers guys. After some drunk internet shopping the other night, I’ve got some kit coming from Wiggle to convert it. Halo aerorage rear wheel, surly sprocket and chainring as well as the usual consumables for an old bike. Can’t wait for it to get here!! What sprocket sizes do you guys run? I’ve got 42/16, however I just based this on the stock sizes of a couple of off the shelf bikes. I’ll see how it goes before I change it up too much.

8 skid patches which isnt too bad (think i calculated right?)
about 70 inches, i’m running about 76 which works