So much black...

Frame: No-name 57cm Track Frame
Wheels: Black Velocity B43’s
Cranks: Pake 46t
Toe-Clips: Double Gate
Bars: Nitto Risers
Grips: Oury Grips
Brake: Promax
Chain: KMC
Tyres: Continetal Ultra Gatorskins
Cog: Roselli 17t

oh yeah man there is actually only 1 company out there that makes 57cm track frames its called what the fuck?

Alright Jacob, calm down man =)

at least get my user name right?

calm down, jeez.

this looks like the black frame user erle used to have?

iirc it had a ding in the tt from barslap?

did i miss something?

Why yes, there is a ding in the tt.

well, that is a mighty fine looking bicycle in MY opinion

Yes, that is Erle’s old frame. Was then my housemate Tim’s frame for a year or two. Not sure what it is but it’s nothing too exciting, but a decent cheap steel frame nonetheless. Nice build. Glad you kept the inverted cross!!

Im lovin those 43’s more and more, hawt bike, colours look nice.

nice job :wink:

It’s black

I think it looked better here…

meant colour scheme/design whatever you want to call it. It aint all black :roll:

white isnt a colour either

fuck yeah you left the downward crucifix!

the original fork was a straight blade?