so much to love about this picture...


the derny guy has the riders covered by a LOOOOONG way in the style stakes… and the dude riding third wheel is no slouch either… i’ve decided that i’m going to start offering people money for their old-school helmets since i cant find any anywhere… st. vinnies told me they dont sell em so they dont get into any legal trouble if theyre faulty? well, st vinn didnt tell me, but one of the tribe did.

so much to love about this picture as well

That moustache is so USA.

that one liam posted is off the hook!

If you want old skool helmets try those little op shops attached to churches. They sell anything they get, whereas St Vinnies, BSL etc follow legal advice to cover themselves. (I worked for both.) Then, if you scramble your brains in a prang, you can take the church to court for selling you the thing in the first place, which you may need to do if your insurance won’t pay out coz you weren’t wearing a legal helmet.

They look cool, but won’t protect you. Some technology is good.

bahaha LAM’s post is hoolarimouse!