So, this evening I got hit by this

And for about 3 minutes I became a raving lunatic - Throwing my helmet at the driver who had gotten out to see whether I was ok, from point blank range, and then coming scarily close to hitting him (but being convinced by a passer by that it probably wasn’t such a good idea). I also decided somewhat irrationally I guess, that it was a good time to abuse the driver for owning such a large car. I think my words were ‘why the fuck does anyone need such stupid big car anyway?’ … To which he replied ‘I’m borrowing it’ …

Surprisingly after commuting and riding on city streets for 11 years, it’s the first time I’ve been hit. I presume the adrenaline etc is what makes one get rather… Mad.

Is this the normal instinctive reaction to stuff like this? Anyone else have any thoughts? Other than being a bit disappointed at losing my rear wheel and bending my stays, the thing I got out of this evening was that getting hurt makes me surprisingly primal!

That’s how I reacted last time, except the driver was a 20 yr old girl. But I almost belted the idiot commuter that told me to calm down, while I was in pain and bleeding over my bent in half bike.

At least you’re still here to post about it and hopefully not hurt. I think it’s perfectly normal reaction after someone almost kills you with fucking tank!

Perfectly normal Nick,

Last year I had just finished building up my Primate CX and headed out for a ride only to be whacked on the shoulder by a sh.t mole in a BMW X5 while she was on her mobile. The indignity was she then accelerated after hearing her LHS rear vision mirror bounce back into place. Fortunately I managed to catch up with her at the lights and anger got the better of me as I smashed the mirror with my hand.

I blame the shit coffee I have had to endure over here in Western Australia for the anger. At the end of the day the only thing that matters that you are able to stand up and tell the tale.


I react similarly to stuff much smaller, and definitely feel a bit silly afterwards, sometimes. But fuck, if I was hit by that thing! Wow glad you’re still typing…

glad to hear you’re ok, mate.

glad to hear you’re ok. pity the bike sounds fucked though.
your reaction is perfectly normal though, adrenaline does some crazy shit. years ago i had to physically restrain a 5ft female friend from bashing the 70yo fuckwit who wrote off her car. it didn’t stop her from unleashing a ten minute torrent of profanity that neither he nor his similarly aged passengers had ever heard.

i have found the less injured i am, the angrier i am… i get very relaxed when in shock.

Glad to hear your ok, by the looks of That monster truck your pretty lucky!
I got hit a while back as someone driving next to me spotted a park and just turned into me, I didn’t come off, but I saw his/her mirror bouncing into the gutter and I just turned around and yelled some colorful words, waved with one finger and kept riding.

+1, glad to hear your ok dude.

This is true, after you wake up from being knocked out you don’t feel like the hulk, you just want to go home.

Glad you’re ok.

I’m sure you’ve filed the police report, are making a TAC claim for the frame/wheel/medicals and will get a check up by a doctor ASAP right? LAM is probably the best in this thread for advice on the process.

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  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Well, actually… No, I was so angry, I swore and carried on for awhile, before throwing my rear wheel in a bush, and walking off dragging the remains of my bike by the handlebars, scraping along the pavement. In hindsight perhaps I should have done all that, but at the time, I just wanted to get away. I returned five minutes later to get my wheel, and obviously everyone had left…

PS Thanks everyone!

Fark, glad to hear you are all good after being hit by what looks like optimus prime.

So did you get any details from the guy at all?

That car belongs in the desert with a big gun strapped to the back, not on city streets.

Very glad to hear that all is ok Nick.

Note to all, even if so angry you want to tear people limb from limb, I highly recommend taking a couple of pictures with your mobile, or even better filming the episode with the driver or the person causing the accident. My brother in law was recently knocked off his commuter in London by a motorcyclist, and thrown nearly 30 meters down the road after it rear ended him trying to over take a bus on the inside in a bus lane at about 50k. Even with mangled finger and a compound arm fracture he had the presence of mind the film the little s**te, and was able to show the police the make and license plate of the bike. Result, bloke gets arrested for leaving the scene and looses license, plus his insurance could be paying out $20k or so.

Hmm, Primal.
Feels good to lose control sometimes.

Anyway, glad to know you’re alive and well, hope your frame is repairable.

Good to hear you’re ok.

I found that primal anger returned every time some idiot pulled out in front me. I just saw red and imagined getting hit all over again.
Took about a year to really get calm again… But then maybe i’ve just got too much anger.

I’ve had two close calls this week, one by accident, one on purpose. The way I see it, if you hit me with your car, or attempt to and I catch up to you, you’re gonna hear about it. Shit head drivers need to be told when they put someones life at risk by their oblivious or selfish actions. The first guy this week now has to explian to his small children what a “fucking c*nt” is, and why the shouty man was calling their dad one. The second guy is fucking lucky he didn’t get a red light because he would be short a rear view mirror/some teeth after swerving at me while he was going 70kmh last night.

Glad you’re still with us Nick.

That adrenaline dump can be crazy but the come down is shit.

adrenaline usually brings out my RANGFURY but i try my best to keep it in check.

some drivers are just asking to be screamed at however.

glad you’re ok nick