So, this evening I got hit by this


dude who works in my studio is 6 months in on fixed riding and loves it and befitting his fussy nature, is super pedantic about obeying road rules etc.

even to the point of looking them up online to see if he is turning right correctly.

he’s had a few close calls now and copped his first car dooring yesterday when a passenger in a stopped car opened their door inti the bike lane on brunswick st.

i’ve been trying to ram it home to him that anytime someone in a car does something dumb that could have injured or worse, killed you, then get up in their grill to the point where they are going to look 9 times for a bike in future.

if they say sorry, tell them to go fuck themselves and let them know what a selfish, dangerous ₪₪₪₪ they are.

i always like to remind them that it wasn’t an accident; it was negligence.

I always like to remind them that they broke the f@cking law!

Reminds me of this.

whenever my life is endangered by someone in a car (or as it was, on a bicycle last week) i kind of lose it.

i’m glad to hear you are okay.

Glad you’re okay.

I lose it all the time at idiot drivers, and got the (dis)pleasure of seeing my wife yell at some special needs driver this morning after they cut her off (even after she repeatedly) rang her bell.

“They’re not called accidents, they’re called collisions. Calling them an accident implies that no one was at fault.”

doesn’t always turn out well. speaking from experience. assess the situation and be prepared to be the one to back down/call the cops

Once again LAM with the knowledge.

  • Get details (rego/photo/witnesses)
  • When worry about freaking the fark right out at them… by the time you have sorted the first part out you will find you have calmed down a bit. I find at that time, I’m a little more precise with my wording and can give better justice to my vocabulary.

From experience being civil and clear will get better results. You might need to be strong in your argument/words, but at least you are in a better state of mind if they decide to pull a weapon on you/their LARGE friend gets out of the car.

Having said all that, the first time it happens is a real shock to the system and its hard to focus on doing the right thing. The key is to learn quickly so if it happens again you know how to handle it.