So .... what's goin' down?

As the new kook on the block I just wanted to introduce myself and give Big Up’s.


Fixed gears are So … kewl right now


I like your hair dude.

Check the integrated bar/stem combo on the left.

check my new 450c front. poifect for barspinzzz

I hope you read the Terms & Conditions kid

CraigC likes youngsters.

This topic has two things i like.

the member didn’t ask for a cheap Aussie track frame.

And they know how to use cyclebucket.

that’s ++ in my book.

True, but none of that will matter when CraigC smells fresh meat

Who is Kayser Soze CraigC ? :expressionless:

Best trick the devil ever pulled was…

Craig C

Post ya address big boy and i’ll cum round to collect.

Shortsie quit flirting with me, ya northern suburbs wannabe…

You two have a history? :?

^ :-o That picture… something not quite right.

you’re right. the forks on that bike are backwards.

I’m not from the Northern suburbs. too many hippies.

South East Sharps

You obviously didn’t read the T&Cs that you agreed to when you registered.

Next you’re going to say something about him being on a stayer’s bike.

Not what I was getting at.

You talking bout the doodle like fuel tank between his legs or are you just happy to see me?