So ... where's the party at??? (Melbz-Roubaix)

working on it. some things can’t be rushed.


Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Will be in town. Pretty excited.

Wow, ou might get the gong for the longest distance travelled to get to the event !!! Props !!!

Heads up that the next gravel grinder is gonna be the Saturday of the Roobay weekend, so if your coming to town bring a bike with 28mm plus. (and do the gravel grinder).


I land 5.30am on the Saturday. If I can come I definitely will. Depending on timing and Keith’s availability, it could also possibly be the maiden run for the Kumo.

C’mon … me wants to party all the time !!
Greatest song ever, no? Rick James … what were you thinking???


I’m happy to suggest a venue & get things rolling … I love a gypsy-Balkan brass band & Rakija is sure to get things a little buzzing (more like a lot).

Anyone wanna join me?

words are tricky.


^Nice flyer, but let me be a pedantic PITA: it’s ‘sous les pavés la plage’

‘plage’ is a girl, so it needs ‘la’, not ‘le’

fuck, you’re right.

it’s because i don’t see gender, you know…

attempt 2:

Is that French for please use the search function?

Thanks for organising, Brendan. Looking forward to catching up and meeting people.

Et voila! Now I can not attend this party (that promises to kick tons of ass) and not lose any sleep over questions of grammar.

Ah shit man. Going down to Meenyan to see Joan as Policewoman. I knew I’d miss something like this…

I’ll be back for the ride but eh!

What ride?