So who's really a TC?

So how many people on here actually race on the boards??

I started out just riding fixed, then got a invite to go training at a velo, loved it, got given a track bike :-o and am now racing every friday night at Dunc Gray in the Friday Night Winter Track Racing series. AND LOVING IT!


Though not since the Austral.
Plan on getting back on in the next week or so.

Me since '98, though not since august '05 when I broke my collarbone.

Best intentions to get back at it when I have some passable form.

You raced in the Austral wheelrace?! Or just in that meet?


Entry to the meet includes racing in the Austral heats, someone has to be front marker fodder!

My claim to fame, an Austral Semi-final at northcote way back when…

Ahh IC.

I’d love to come down and race it some time, prolly not for a couple of years yet, but it’s on the list of things I want to do some time.


Yep, I race FNWTR at DGV, also in Div 4.

The score versus Garth is about 10-2 in Garth’s favour. :-o

Div 3 is beckoning Garth… :evil:

I honestly wouldn’t mind riding div 3 but I really don’t know how to ride the track well enough. I’ve already been called out by the commisar twice >_<

I also have no endurance in my legs. I can sprint fairly well, but I can’t spin for long periods and hold it.

Also what do you mean about the score being in my favour, I’m confuzzled :?


ps who are you :stuck_out_tongue:

I ride on them now and again…

Garth wrote:

'Also what do you mean about the score being in my favour, I’m confuzzled ’

Meaning in the 12 or so races that we have both ridden in since starting out in Div 5, you have beaten me across the line on about 10 of those occasions.

‘ps who are you?’

The bloke on the blue Guerciotti with the chrome forks… :smiley:

Not since '94. Does that make me a born-again virgin?

You must be soft having to race with a partner on the track :stuck_out_tongue:

just joking, Great work! I’d love to learn how to Madison one day, but at the moment I’m more concerned with keeping my bike in a straight line when I’m flatout sprint!

And as for me moving to div3? Naaahhh I’m a sandbagger!