soften my ride?

OK so I’ve just come back from a 5-day weekend riding around Bright on this bad boy:

it beat the piss out of my feeble old body on the coarser road surfaces and it got very skittish descending on poorer roads. I suspect the rear triangle geo has a lot to do with it, plus the tubing is straight-gauge 3/2.5 Sandvik Ti. Thomson post and stem.

Looking for some suggestions about how to soften it up a bit…25s might help some but would a decent quality crabon post and stem take the edge off much? Bars are crabon, (Easton EC90s).

Tyres bro. Some very fresh and supple tyres is going to make more of a difference than anything else. Vittoria Open Pro’s in 23c and Grand Bois Col de Madelaine (23c) and Cerf (26c) is the juice you’re looking for. Learn to run them at a few psi lower than we’ve been taught and you’ll be on a magic carpet ride for life.

Next step is wheels. Box section, lots of spokes. Stay away from factory wheels and deep dish stuff.

Grand Bois Cerfs are the go!!!

Love them.

hmmm, was riding it as pictured… Wheels are 32 x 3x Record/Open Pro with DT comps, (lovingly handcrafted by me), tyres are evo corsa CXs run at about 110…Grand Bois Cerfs you say?

Hmmm … all good there. If you’re above say 85kg’s I’d say it’s much advised to go wider. Otherwise you have all the right ingredients and I’d run lower pressures. Takes getting used to and initially you’ll feel slower/sluggish but it really makes a big difference.

I don’t know much about your frame but if it’s with overly steep angles and a highish BB then there’s not much you can do.

Science and Bicycles 1: Tires and Pressure | Off The Beaten Path

edit: can’t see the pic in original link

I can’t see the pic either, but it’s the Dean Ti right?

Get some Michelin Pro Race 25mm or Grand Bois Cerf 26mm (Commuter Cycles) and drop the pressure a bit.

Good links there, thanks

It was built as a big boy’s crit bike - angles are 74/73 & the BB is up a little for corner clearance. I’m kind of attached to it so I’d rather tweak it than flick it. Might get into some experimenting with tyres & pressures, clearances aren’t super tight so I have a little room to play with.

Yeah, it’s the DEAN Ti…odd you can’t see the pic…I can. It’s off cyclebucket. I’ll try again

edit: here’s a pic from the other host…

any better?

Nup,cyclebucket is fickle piece of shit. shoehorned a 25 front and 28 rear durano lnto my roadie and its an amazing difference.

I thought so … there’s nothing you can do about geo but wider tyres and lower pressures will help a lot.

I can only find photos of Grand Bois in gumwall. Do they come in black? How would they rate Vs tubeless 25’s.

Berto article here:

I seem to remember this chart ‘falling over’ at larger tire sizes - i.e I don’t think it translates well to MTB.

Nice chainrings, totes jelly

@CC: Softride beam + hoseclamps = job done :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Blakey: How’s the puncture resistance of the Cerf’s compared to gatorskins also how much are they? gonna need more tyres since i’m about to N+4 on wheels.

I’ve used Michelin pro race in 23mm and they were quite good (and also free :slight_smile:

No, gumwall only. Can’t compare to tubeless, no personal experience.

Minimal! That said, I’ve ridden a pair daily for a couple of years and I think I’ve punctured 2, maybe 3 times. They’re a supple casing with some rubber on it, no puncture protection liner at all.

About $80 ea I think. Check with Commuter.

Front basket, skirt guard, reflectors…

Horses for courses, any tyre is a trade off and the Grand Bois focus on being supple (low rolling resistance) and light. Don;t know what the Gatorskins focus on but I wouldn’t ride them.

fwiw I’ve done about 2000-2500 commuter k’s on my 26mm Cerf’s … not flats and the wear is OK so far (bet I get a flat this week). Then again I rarely flat.

this says it does what you want

Took this one off when I turned 40: