soma complete wheels

any one got a word up on somax rims and hubs, are they sturdy enough, good value? i like things to be strrrrong.

City Bike Depot in Sydney stock Soma frames, not sure if they carry the wheels as wheel, but maybe they can order them?


Aren’t they just the same as Velocity?

Poxy generic alloy hubs with cartridge bearings.


I tend to agree. The Velocity/Formula/Soma hubs all seem to come out of the same OEM factory in China. Nothing wrong with the hubs, but they aren’t very exciting if you know what I mean… They are perfect for a commuter-basher as the bearings last for ages.
Having said that- I’ve just looked on their website and the hubs don’t look too shabby . They look a bit different from the Velocities…

It’s all from the same factory CHINA!

formula hubs are ok until you put a cheap arse cog on it and strip out a thread with the first skid :x

I didn’t know you did skids Steve? :smiley: