soma frames

Starting a new build, keeping the old school style, thinking of useing a SOMA RUSH frame and looking for some feedback on those frames. Comments would be breat, thanks

Not bad but i’d get a steamroller instead.

nice colours (better than the steamroller)… but without knowing what price you are paying for it, i’d be hard pressed to comment on the relative value to the surly. I know they were more spendy than them on the other side of the world (enough to make them, and somas in general less popular).

I also know that they are pretty good with warranty as i saw one with a crack at the BB (IIRC) and it was warrantied in days. I suspect it helped that the owner was a messenger (thus needed it for work) and the shop it came from was the biggest dealer for soma frames at the time.

steam rollers come in white now

You mean Creamrollers!

I’m quite partial to Truckaccino too, looks good. Not an appropriate frame for this thread though.

Can we set up an autoresponder, so when someone asks ‘What frame should I buy?’ it spits back “Surly Steamroller” and locks the thread?

Or is spud the forum-robot?

I’m pretty much the robot.

Spud-bot: “Yes…, I mean affirmative”

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steamrollers a dime a dozen now… was looking for something different of same sort of quality…

I think Sarah has a Soma.

And she’s online right now!

i can’t really offer much on the technical side but IMO it’s light, fast and responsive. it gets alot of comments. and the red is RED. i’m really happy with mine.

hah, i was writing as you posted that :wink:

The Soma is made from Tange is it not? I know the fork is Tange Infinity which is their high-end tube set I think.

correct you are. frame = prestige cr-mo d.b tange

Infinity is a lower end Cr-Mo tubeset. It’s named because it doesn’t have sharp steps at the butting, rather, it’s tapered, or an ‘infinite’ butt. It’s also seamed, not as nice as seamless.

Tange Ultimate is the top end, heat treated, seamless, thinnest walled tubeset. Prestige is also up near the top.

That said, there’s nothing at all wrong with Infinity.

Edit: just looked up the frame, it’s Tange Prestige. Good stuff! Probably ~0.7 - 0.4 - 0.7mm tubes.
Edit 2: Beaten!

you said you’re after something a little old school, so how about these?

thanks for the link… i like those frames alot! also like the hubs. very snazzy!

Oh, are you fixation as in fixxxation?

as in fixxxated