Soma hubs

Am in the process of buying myself and my girlfriend a set of wheels, could be a silly question but is it worth paying an extra $40 or so to get soma hubs instead of the origin 8 formulas?

I’ve been using Formulas on various bikes (including the wet weather one) and I’ve had no problems in the last year or so.

There is pair of soma hubs on ebay oz right now.

yeah I’m getting the wheels of Bells, the their price on deep v’s and b43’s are so low, $620 for 2 sets of b43 deep v combo’s with soma hubs delivered!

These? They are ‘fixed/fixed’

i was looking at bells and soma vs formula hubs too as they are soooo much cheaper than getting them built up yourself here.

I ended up deciding against them altogether though, as personally I think both hubs are bottom end, and I wanted to roll with something better - just a shame bells dont use anything better in their builds.

The Somas have a more narrow axle and hollow axle than a Formula hub for weight reduction. The flange is slightly different as well as there are no cut outs. Both hubs use the same style of sealed cartridge bearings.

In answer to your question, personally, I don’t think they’re worth the extra cash… The soma hubs are still bottom end and I think the formula hubs will do pretty much the same job. In saying this, I’ve never used Soma so I would be happy to eat my words.

Although the Origin8 hubs are ‘low-end’ in terms of price, they actually work really well. As you know, they’re made by Formula, who make a lot of hubs for a lot of companies, including Velocity and Origin8. They’re strong, the bearings are extremely smooth for the money you pay for them, and honestly, unless you’re racing, I wouldn’t even bother paying the extra for Phil Wood hubs. You’re not going to break a Formula hub, and if the bearings ever do need replacing, just take them down to a good bearing shop and replace them with ceramic bearings, and problem solved.

I certainly wouldn’t call the Soma hubs ‘entry-level’, and I’d even consider them a mid-level hub, as the machining and overall finish is a little nicer. Personally, I really like Suzue hubs, but having said that, I would still ride with Soma hubs (and even Formula hubs). Once again, they’re strong, they come in many colours, and the bearings are really smooth. In terms of real differences between Soma and Formula, there’s really not a whole lot in it, and I think you’ll find the Formula hubs work just fine.

Thanks heaps for the info. It’s quite a tough one because I really want some handbuilt ones from here but that extra $150 or so makes it a tough decision, I’m not using it on the track, it really is a commuter, but I just love riding and its now my car, so I am almost justifying paying the extra $$ what are your thoughts on buying handbuilt?

I think most people reading this have heard/read my thoughts on handbuilt wheels, and there’s enough info about it in previous threads, so I won’t repeat it, but yes, I do highly rate handbuilt wheels, and so do a lot of people.

Just realised that was a bit of a stupid question, i have read your page before and thats what made me want the hand built. Ill have a word the my girlfriend who is also getting wheels and see if she can justify it too :slight_smile: might be hearing from me (hopefully)

If your getting them factory buit rather than hand-built,
take them to a bike shop to get the mech to tension them properly, it’s $25 well spent

yeah i bought b43/origin/dt off ebay from the states and they went out of true in only three days and i do not do tricks i save that for the skate board

get them built local

If we apply that theory, not sure there is a lot that would still be worth buying :slight_smile:

Nice blog by the way, PM on the way about a wheelbuild!