Soma rush - opinions - Toe overlap?

Hi there,
I am considering buying a soma rush 53cm frame but I want to know whether it has toe-overlap or not first. I’ve ridden the 59cm frame of a friend & that one was fine, but I am not sure whether that would apply to the smaller frame. Is there anyone out there ridding a 53cm frame who could answer this question?

Other than that general opinions on the soma rush would be welcome.

Cheers Stevie.T :smiley:

Rush’s are secksy!

I don’t think the 59cm (probably the same one you rode) I’ve played on had overlap, though that didn’t have the soma forks. I emailed Soma asking this exact question, though they havn’t gotten back to me yet.

Lettuce know what you find out!


Going by Soma’s standard parts theres a 29mm difference between the wheelbase of the two frames.
So I guess one could say there’s the distinct possibility of overlap.

Did anyone find out about this? I’m thinking about getting a 57cm Rush frame+fork.

‘…’ has one, and i think it has some degree of overlap. Not sure what size, but its one of the bigger ones.