Soma Van Ness frame in Melbourne?

The Soma site doesn’t list any dealers, and I haven’t seen a Van Ness locally. (Only Rush frames on the road.)

Has anyone seen a Van Ness in Melbourne? Who actually sells Soma in Melbourne, (their site doesn’t list any local shops).

I’ve decided to replace my commuter frame with the Van Ness Lugged SS road frame…

Soma Van Ness

They’re $650 in the US for frame/fork… happy to pay more in AUS if I can find one, but it’s proving difficult.

Hey dude, soma’s imported by SCV imports. You just need to go to your friendly local bike shop, go in, tell them you’d likes Van Ness, look at this page with them, which contains a number to call, and then they’ll help you from there!

I don’t know where maribynong is, somewhere near Essendon or something? I have heard Niddre cycles is cool, a friend of mine worked there once.

user sarah m has one and loves it. maybe shoot her a pm. she got hers paid for by the Victorian Police i believe after they cleaned her up in an intersection in north melbourne.

edit - sarah tells me she ordered hers in through BSC on elizabeth street.

Thanks mate! Didn’t realize so many dealers had access. Hopefully someone comes back with reasonable pricing.

Cheers. I’ve not seen one in person before, I’ll ping her to see if she brings the bike to the city.

I wanted a steel SS frame, I really only looked at Surly and Soma. This is for my commuter so nothing too flash.

i’d just buy one of these if they fit…

Thanks! But all are too small, I need a 57-58cm.

my one will be on its way to melbourne shortly =D

lovely frame for off the shelf, tange prestige. The perfect commuter!

Where’d you get it? Anyone have an idea of AUS pricing for the frame/fork?

sarah tells me the van ness was $800 frame/fork

no idea how much rush’s go for

Cool. That’s roughly what it would cost to get one out of the US with shipping so not bad at all. Hopefully the shops I sent emails to come back at or less that price.

Dylan is correct. Soma is distributed by SCV Imports. I imagine plenty of bike stores around Melbourne would be dealing with them. Now time for some shameless self promotion; we can get in Soma’s at Human Powered Cycles. if you want a price, call up, and we’ll get a price for you. Wham bam thank you ma’am.

I’m in meetings until 7PM, can you PM me a price? Thx!

I’ll grab you one tomorrow morning.

i bought mine locally second hand, he had it built up at a LBS, so not sure what he paid.

i think ive seen some local websites with an RRP of $650, frame only.

prety sure ive seen one on ebay a few nights ago for $300 posted from the states, but in a 53. has it for $387 + postage, in your size too, frame only.

Give human powered (Rooster) or Erik at gear a call/email, they both can get soma, and at good prices =)

And if you don’t mind a used frame, I have a 58cm Cross Check in misty mountain grey available, gears, SS, whatever. The Van Ness is nicer though.

Talk to me Blakey… What do you got? How old is it? Condition? Looking to replace my shit commuter frame with something totally rad and made of steel.

Hmm, I have a pc’d white koga miyata sport touring frame. Clearance for fenders, ran it fixed and as a roadie for ages, until I realized I need a 54, not 58. Anyway, 58x57, clearance for fenders, aero downtube. $100.

With one small dent.
Nobody seems to want it though. I bought it powdercoated and I’ve loved the thing.