Soma Vs Pake??

Looking at a new frame and so far it looks like the Soma and Pake are more of what i’m after. I’d prefer 1 1/8 of the steamroller but it’s a bit looser. They are both very similar from what i can gather and the only real differance i can see is the tubing used, Tange Prestige Vs unbranded 4130. It’s going to cost me an extra $100 to go for the Soma with the Tange tubes. Has anyone riden both and has an opinion on which is the better feeling frame? Probably not going to be much in it but thought i’d ask.

I can say Tange prestige tubing is really nice.

I’ve never ever liked anything Soma has made, ever!

Surly’s are great.

I’ve riden a Pake that was built, never handled a bare frame. It was like a boat and weighed more than some gaspipe old ten speeds.

I thought this shit was passe by now.

I’m just after something that i don’t have to care about. I have a strange thing about writing off old niced metal objects. If i wreck a mass produced tiged frame i’m not going to feel too bad about it.

just to throw something else in there… those Alien frames look pretty good. Cro Mo steel, steep rake (74.5?), pointy lugs, etc etc. US$400 + paint + postage, maybe that’s expensive, i don’t know really.

HAHAHA! Same… This week its like i had a bad dream, and since it i have been looking at new bikes. I dont want a vintage steel handmade blah blah blah anymore. I dont wanna wreck it, i just want something functional that i can throw down a set of stairs! :evil:

P.S. Go to FUSION CYCLES, they got two white Soma’s in the shop built up. They let you have a pedal on em aswell. The white soma that has been on ebay lately for 1700$ is one of them. I think its owned by a mechanic in there.

I’m trying to never to return to Fusion ever again. cough Wankers cough (at least the owner any way). But to use them to test it out and then order off Eric… Might be worth a shot. Do you know what size?

i’ve got a pake.

thicker tubes and pretty hard - i beat the shit out of mine, have been cleaned up by cars twice and it is still kicking…

FUSION had at least one 58cm. Defs test ride one if you can then go see erik defs.

pakes were notorious for quality control problems. ive seen and heard a number of stories about mis-aligned dropouts, ovalised headtubes and other alignment/weld issues, but they were churning them out fast and a lot were straight.

make sure you check it over before you walk out of the store (or get the store mech if you trust them to do so).

i had one for a while… it was solid both in feel and durability. thats the cheaper tubeset talking… it was heavy though (relative to most other track frames).

from what ive seen the somas look cleaner and are better quality. i dont believe you sacrifice much in terms of durability for the better materials.

for $100 difference my money would be on the soma…