some clips from herne hill.

if i knew how to embed this, i’d totally put it on my blog, because it nicely illustrates a point i was trying to make today. but i don’t. if anyone wants to send me some code, that would rule. if you don’t, that’s ok too, but just watch the slideshow and enjoy it.

London lives: 1948 Olympic cyclist Tommy Godwin

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If i may ask what was the point you were trying to make today? (I’m not that smart)

that was great, cheers

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Second Track I rode on, but first one I raced on was Herne Hill, in about 1975, first time I rode it on a 68" gear.
The first event I rode in was the Good Friday meeting, nowadays you have to be invited for it- pretty sure I got an entry in the junior support events through Alf Whiteway.
It was under the tutorage of Alf Whiteway, from the Ross Wheelers, one of the other riders a little older than me, was Tony Doyle, who went on to become world pursuit champion, and a very successful six day rider with Danny Clark.
I’ve still got a few pictures somewhere of me racing there in the 70’s early 80’s- ah that would have been on my third fixie???

They still do training on the track, I’ll have to see if I can get a ride or two in when I’m over there this year- also have brilliant swap meets there a couple of times a year.

track’s not dead.

Going off what SBS were saying the other night, track will have a “second coming” in 2012. SBS’s Dave’s words not mine.

I agree with you. And I think think our women have really been firing for the last few years with so much talent coming on song.

though it seemed like kate bates was sometimes saying that track had died when she retired, and that no one would ever be as “track” as her.