Some close(ish) Climbs to Melburn

Just wondering what some of the climbs are around Melbourne, I’ve done a bit of Mt Dande climbing lately, kinlake and around, and the only others I know of ate the you yangs, Mt Donna Buang and Arthurs Seat. but are there any other places to go for some long climbs that are within a 150km trip of Melbs? Trains are always an option too…

Trying to Mix it up a bit more on my Monday rides,
Also are the climbs at Donna Buang and the You Yangs? Steep? Long?

Cheers in advance.

This may help if you haven’t already seen it.
The Climbing Cyclist


…and read the comments on the Humevale Rd climb, hilaaarious!

That’s awesome.

Thanks daniel!

Just what the doctor ordered

I find the online mapping sites useful for planning rides, they can give a reasonable indication of steepness and distance. If you map a ride you have already done you can get an indication of how hard future rides will be.
Bike Trails, Paths & Routes From Over 40 Countries at Site is often down or not accessible. Also does not seem to work with some versions of Internet Explorer.

Bike Maps, Cycling Workout, Biking Routes | MapMyRIDE A more reliable service with different features.

Donna Buang is a fairly long climb but not ridiculously steep. Lake Mountain is a good climb too. Start at Healesville or Narbethong to get the steeper sections of road. The last 10 km or so to the summit is actually pretty mild. To avoid the traffic try starting from Warburton and head up the back way along the Warburton - Woods Point Rd.

i find Map Bike Rides with Elevation Profiles, Analyze Cycling Performance, Train Better. Ride With GPS is much better than map my ride, just seems to work a lot faster and more accurately.

Try this little loop. (courtesy of Gene) - No big long hills, but lots of sharp, little nasty ones.

I have never seen a horse on humevale, not even Mr Ed. Ride the Kinglake road to K.West for a ‘climb’.

I’ve seen a wombat, lyrebird, wallabies, rabbits but no horses.