Some interesting looking 3Rensho's.

More here…


I know what decals I am getting for my skid star now :evil:

Hot Damn!!!

I love that 2nd one, ive seen a 3Rensho step-through before but this is on another level

that curved frame is nice does a skid star look similar? will google later. Have seen a masi’s with that shape it is most pleasing.

Has anyone had a look at the rest of the frames on the Flickr page? Those 2 are good but some of the others are EPIC! And then there’s the wheels and other bits lying round in the background :-o

My fav.

yeah, i think that’s my favourite.

some seriously nuts frames there.

3rensho has made some crazy looking frames over the years. I’ve never seen that second black one before, I want it.

papa may i have one as x’mas gift :frowning: ?