some pics from a weekly ride in PARIS.


Here is my blog and a recent post of todays ride, a 60km ride with a large group today, They go every sunday and tuesday night, a relaxed ride and a good pace of about 25 - 30 kmh. There were about 25 people there today, some nice bikes also. thought you guys may like a view.

^ Awesome. I enjoyed the Tassie pics too. So you went from Tas to France?

Try not to hate hills, make hills hate you.

So cool. I was in Paris last April. My favourite place. French people are nicer than everybody says they are - even the Parisians. Everyone I met was awesome. Your photos just make me want to go back.

cool post :wink:

extra points for the late night burger joint goodness !!

deal, i will remember that. tomoz i head to the south of france for some riding, will post some pics on my return, and also some pics of a really old velodrome i visited here in paris the other day.

glad you met everyone…

Mega jealous! That ride looked like fun, sadly I dont think we’ll ever get that many riders in wollongong haha

Thanks for posting

looks insane. i was meant to be going to france later in the year (to catch some of the tour). was super excited about going riding through paris, but got canceled unfortunately!

just posted a few more bike related things. enjoy