Some pics of my latest purchase. Simply Superbe.

Poste Italiane delivered the goods today. My hands were shaking a little as the mailman walked into my office and handed me this box, hoping it wasn’t full of rocks:

The whole kit and kaboodle:

Slotted levers:

32H LF Hubset with Sansin QRs:

DT lever box:

Holy shitballs Blakey! I can feel the Hetchins quivering with anticipation…

about time too, that Hetchins has waited longer than attempts to lose my virginity

I’d be very happy if that box showed up at my work. Beautiful.

Happy to hear- the Italian postal system molto-dodgy!

Wow, this is the ‘money shot’ if I ever saw one.

Last weekend we were talking about people posting shots of stuff they’ve bought before they actually build it up. But full groupset! In all its vintage NOS boxed up goodness… awesome. Which rims going on it?

Wow! Good luck with the build up Blakey. Can’t wait to see it all finished!

Son of a b…! Lovely…

By the beard of Zeus! You’re a lucky man Blakey

Yeh, this doesn’t even compare to the “check out my new thomson seatpost” shit that happens in other forums.

This is sublime…

So you don’t want to see my collection of NJS Nitto Jaguar seatposts?

Rims: Sun M13II, sacrelige I know, but they’re new, high polish, eyeletted and look like Mavic MA2s.

What? No freewheel? I expect more from you Blakey :slight_smile:

How can stuff like this just sit unused in a box for like 30 years? Amazing…

The big square box under the box with the chain has a freewheel in it.

Oh, and I bought 5 NOS/NIB Winner Pro freewheels at the swap meet on Saturday. To add to the 3 lightly used ones I already have.

Still expect more? :wink:

I should have known better than to doubt you, Blakey :slight_smile:

the same reason he got a box full of japanese stuff from italy?