Some say....Apparently Fixies are the new Tattoos?????

this is a general opinion…do ya’ll agree
Is it a flavour of the month thing???


Incorrect, getting tattoos of fixed gear bicycles is the flavor of the month. Or getting tattoos on fixed gear bikes. Or getting tattoos done by fixed gear bikes.

man, i’ve never thought of it in this light before.

any ideas what other frige-scenes i can infiltrate before the mainstream appropriates devours them?

mods - can we move this to pub? :evil:

i dont know if it is the new tattoo but is definitely the new basketball cards

NOS sherrif stars are like a jordan rookie card

LOLcats are the new fixed gear bike / tattoo… blah blah blah.

haha invisible bikes are the new tattoo

Can you NJS walk an invisible bike?

kinda - it’s the hipster equivelant of air-guitar.

what is this thread about?

The first post…i actually don’t understand it.

“Some say…Apparently fixed gear bicycles are the new Tattoos”

  • Who’s saying this? Please name, names.

I wondered that too. I got this PM from LOCOREN:

[i]"Wow … I guess this is a topical ,
Don’t shoot the messenger…I’m only stating what I’ve heard in conversations…
It is a real debate that should be sparked…
Some geared riders don’t respect fixed gear bicycle riders and vice versa…was simply curious about how people
react to these statements which I did not create.
I personally don’t give a flying fuck…I ride both and both have relevance for different situations.

So with regards to the dude… Are you a kid I haven’t heard dude used since high school…"[/i]


Hadn’t even commented in the same thread as them.

srysly gyz, im frekn ot.

yeah, like to an actual pub. off this forum. off the whole internet actually. pls?

Yeah. It’s called walking.

maybe because its to find one that you’ll want with your forever? :?

I see, so why do they call it ‘walking’, Google yielded nuttin by way of a definition.,12093.0.html

Invisible NJS Walking here

haha i got this too, although I did comment on his first attempt at this ‘debate’

I’m with Jams, move it off the internets plz to some shitty pub so we no longer have to deal with this shit