Somec Air Campagnolo C-Record Delta

Gem of a Somec, with a whole lot of panto!
Somec Air Campagnolo C-Record Delta Vintage SPX Orginalzustand TOP!!! | eBay

Not enough pantos on it for my liking.

wow, it’s so gaudy and over the top … yet remains cool ???

Isn’t that one of Papa Spirito’s rules? Every Somec is truly and utterly desirable.

beautifully ugly, would so ride the hell out of it

That’s right up my alley, are they c record pista pedals?
Would ride

this has come full circle. so ugly but so good. #would

So, so awesome

holy somec!

bit disappointed they didn’t panto the top of the bb shell.

Its like the Momento of bicycles.

Would, imagine riding and eating a rainbow paddle pop at the same time whilst on acid.

“colours man, all the pretty colours”

Only the second set of panto Delta’s I’ve ever seen :wink:


vice description: this is what happens when you go on summer holidays, and there is this older brother who’s a friend of a friend of one of the other groups of families who’s there. he’s cool and disaffected. 2 days before you were coming home from your summer holiday he said it was time to expand your mind so he took you out to a field, and gave you acid, after that your perspective on the world was warped, and you couldn’t shake the feeling he had sex with you and there was animals there too, and it was wrong but felt so right at the time.

My old cat Medo (he preceded my dog, also calld Medo: long story) parked next to a de Rosa I used to own.

Wow, I’m glad I missed this auction.