Somec Beater

picked up a somec framefor next to nothing

fairly beatup, suffered from a stuck seatpost that one guy try to heat/melt out before someone thought better and did a good job.
the frame has some sweet details even if it’s seen better days.

built it with some cruisey bars (that someone linked to here a while back) and effort to make it look not too fancy so i can take it out and get drunk.

somec air
sr stem/bars, tektro levers
sun m13ii to formula hubs (I think)
centaur brakes
dura-ace cranks, sugino75 ring
campy aero post and an old turbo-ish san marco seat

looks appropriately shit. Nice!

love it!

what size? :cool:


Just saying, looks rather tall. Nice beater!

That frame is so nice, Those stays, fork, Panto’s are all porn.

So so nice!

yeah the fork on these is ace.
shame it’s in a mess, there was a pretty good nick one up on ebay a while back for 7-800 or there about.

it’s 62/59 (i think).
could drop the seat an inch maybe.