Somec MAX Roady frame Internation

SOMEC Columbus MAX Road Frameset - Italian Vintage Bike | eBay



I love max…

I see so much of this stuff lately, old max frames.
Boourns, let’s see some carbon crab with aerospokes.

In the Somec scheme of things this is pretty meh.

Although I do like the airbrushed stars.

^agreed, but in it’s own right it’s still a lovely piece of work

Spirito’s Truths™® #13,472 - "Each and every Somec is utterly desirable. "

Furthermore they can be classed as truly hand crafted, artisanal and built to a very high standard. Most Italian frames are overhyped crap - not this one (and not any Somec I’ve seen). Buy it !!!

Speaking of which…

SOMEC Time Trial Pursuit bike SLX Camagnolo Zonda | eBay

This is awesome, my size and perfect for my next project.

^ do it.

^ doing it.

mmmmmmm…fillet brazing.
sweet looking unicrown fork too.
go hugs!

So did you end up snagging this one Hugs?

No, I binned my roadie into a oncoming car and needed to get some new wheels instead. Serious sad face

bugger went for a nice price too. ah well.

Really? Has spirito’s account been hijacked??