Somec Promax for a giant.

Massive MAX,
it has seen a few ks but this would be unreal to restore for the taller chap.

I’m going to go on the record as saying that I would buy the living shit out of that if it were my size!

Well your going to love “mine” erle.

“yours”? PICS!


while we’re putting up bikes for giant people…

cheap 531, not gold, but cheap.


Yeh I saw this come up too…

:x :x :x SERIOUSLY. . . BACK OFF :x :x :x

please :cry:

dont think you’ve got heaps of competition in this size dude… theres a few, but if it were 55-58 it’d be on…

he took it down and said someone had “reserved” it. Man that shits me why bother with ebay then, how did he know I wouldn’t have paid more (I would have, this has probably done my wallet a favour)

You should have bid on it. or contacted the seller to arrange something :wink:

Restored to its former glory that thing is going to be special. I don’t think they made too many.

I did contact him! Taking it down was his response.

Get This instead then,
Its in fitzroy.


Here’s another good buy for a giant,

Someone bring it to Melb please.

ah, for the days when a stunning paintjob was just part of a bike