Somec Road

Vintage SOMEC frame and fork, Columbus, fixie, fixed | eBay

Weathered Somec - 150 euro BIN - worth it by the time you get it shipped? maybe not?

Oh it’s worth it.


Wow, someone snap that up!

So ripe for a restro… And my size. Will think about it overnight.

Sorry, Larfin - just had a moment of insanity and grabbed it, didn’t check this thread first.

Nice purchase.

Good grab. I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.

And I’m bidding on bidding on this.


if you wanna move it on and the resto is to much work ill grab it off ya for +$100 :wink:

Seen resto mentioned twice with regard this frame. What would you restore?

haha do what ben did,

I must admit though, The somec looks to have a bit more rust the the cinelli. Some preventative care would fix this though.

Ooo, nice. Keep in mind that the new paint job probably cost $400+ from Star… I assume that’s who did the job.

Cheers, I’ll stay away from it then!

Nah, the Somec’s in much better shape that my friend’s Cinelli that I built up. The Cromovelato style paint of the Somec is easy to srcatch/mark as it is just a tinted clearcoat. Just ask Peter Flemming (Star Enameller’s) how hard it is to get this finish just right especially if the base chrome isn’t perfect. I’d leave it just as it is. The frame’s a pearler and would look good with whatever parts where hung from it.

I’m thinking less resto, more TLC. Find some nice parts and ride it lots.

:wink: !!!

Time and patience are now your closest companions. There is nothing wrong with patina.
But I’d then want all, similarly aged parts to complement it.
If I’d bought it I’d repaint & put a modern gruppo on it, but that’s me.
(No, it doesn’t make me a bad person :slight_smile: )

No, not at all, but it’s not going to need a lot more than just paint. Stripping chrome and rechroming is a touch and go affair. I’ve seen more than a few frames meet their end.

If i’d known you were keen a few days earleir I’d have put you onto a Somec here in Sydney that has perfect chrome and excellent paint but that’s now sold. Even had a modern Campy threaded headset and 10 speed Record BB. There’ll be others … Somec’s are worth pursuing imo

Plenty of that here. If time=money, that should work well as I’ll need some to get this thing built up. First step, finding out when this thing was built.

Going by the Porta Catena holes in the dropouts it would have to be from around 1978 onwards.

Admittedly lots of frame builders used the leftover Campy 1010b dropouts with these fittings cast in place long after such mechanism was no longer practical to use. Latest possible would be 1986 going by the other frame details, lug types, BB cable guides etc. If I had to guess and going by the decal style I’d say early 80’s but I’m not well informed on Somec.