Someone buy these before i do... steel Merckx CX frames

and it’s twin

Anyone know how to get frames forwarded to Australia?

USA Address & Mail Forwarding

It’s pretty easy, just sign up for an account, they’ll give you an address to have it posted to then send you an email when it arrives and sort the rest from there.

Just realised these are not in the US. You might be able to wing it getting it posted to here… or hit up a ex-Aussie in the UK (Fresh).

That blue is gorgeous. Looks like a Nagasawa frame.

Ask Budge real nice like?

Seller does offer international post.

It would be a shame to separate them

Then why not list them together?

One each Nik?

Nice colour. Funny how that turquoise-y colour is almost absent from modern frame colourways. Bring it back I say.


I like using this word as much as possible

Oh my. My size and my bro in-law lives in London town. Hmmm… Need another project? Maybe.

but dude is Gene’s word…and it’s pronounced OH MY DDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDEEEE!

FTFY. the problem is that nowadays cycling is about boring shitbird lawyers and whatnot fitting into a very narrow aesthetic.
it used to be about anyone expressing themselves

and the turquoise/magenta is definitely a sweet colour combo


Yeah good call. Happy you can appreciate the colourway.


Pff on the somec. Now we’re talkin. In what ball park do you think these will go for?

Will be bidding…

fuck off LarfinBoi

the more i think about it, the more tempted i am… especially since my dad will pretty much kill me if i get a merckx cx :wink: plus it about time the celeste(-ish) stable got a bit bigger.

id forgotten about asking budge.