Someone has just backed into my bike and taken off

Had my bike locked up out front at my climbing gym, at the bike racks. I’ve been climbing from 5:30 to 10pm. Just about to go home and realised someone has backed into it at some point and completely trashed the rear wheel.

My gym hasn’t got cameras covering that area. Business opposite might but everyones gone home.

What should I be doing now? Took pics of the damage and I’ll need to leave the bike here for now.

Happy for any advice on how I should proceed. Damage is bad. Beautiful HED belgiums to Paul hubs, bent on one side and split on the other. Rim is definitely gone. Hub might be okay… frame should be fine. Was only locked through the rear rim.


Might have to suck it up eh. Got contents insurance? That might help. Worth trying the place over the road later. If get the bike out of there pronto too; in the street overnight outside a climbing gym sounds risky.

Shit house situation. Sorry for you.

Yeah checking the details concerning contents insurance in the morning. I know the guys at the gym so they let me stash it inside.

Fingers crossed that the place opposite has video of it. Don’t have high hopes though. But it is inside of a business complex so might get lucky.

Only just got the thing two weeks ago.

Keep your eye out for a car with scratches matching. They could be a regular visitor in the complex.