Someone is actually selling this out of Melb...


Doubt they actually have one to test ride, but I’m gonna ask anyway.


^ 10-20 days delivery from Italy.

So what, you buy one off ebay for $6000 and (s)he orders one from the Rizona website for $4700? Ummmm…

There’s a lot of this going on on ebay. Think they’d do something about it… but nooooo!

Fucks sake, we should move this to Douche Seller thread and hound the seller!

You’d have to create a douche seller forum as it’s no different than the many sellers who sell bike parts at higher prices and then wiggle the orders in.

It’s one thing to be deceptive bit if someone’s stupid enough to buy this frame though ebay without doing any other research then the seller has done nothing but wrong and they deserve to be taken for a ride.

Yep. Supply and demand/caveat emptor and all that.

nob rakes

has one fitted, poor design though (much like the rest of the bike)


"Hi Mike,
sry mate, the bike s coming directly from Europe shipped to the buyer. We have one in a store here in Brisbane for $7499.

kind regards"

So how’s that different to any other bike shop in Oz … or any retail items for that matter?

If I had $6000 to spend on a bike I’d go get a custom Kumo and an Electrical Guitar Company bass (or baritone) guitar.

Are they an official distributor for Rizona?


Shhhh!! you’ll loose me the sale :stuck_out_tongue:

That is one ugly bike for that much cashola. Looks like a uglier version of a yamaguchi frame i saw once.