someone should jump on this Shogun tourer ...

Shogun Alpine GT Cyclocross/Touring Steel frame + fork (eBay item 130476373079 end time 24-Jan-11 21:33:21 AEDST) : Sport

These were quite robust and well made, perfect for full loaded touring. Going cheap but only one pics so hard to see condition.



I only just discovered and it’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Well, kinda.

Hope it’s not a FoA bidding war…

It is for 27" wheels. Wouldn’t you have a problem setting up canti brakes to fit 700c rims?

Well, I just won it.

Was bidding with internet speed that was going as fast as dial up… that was freaking painful.

Got it for $102.50.

Hopefully it all works out with the brakes etc.

Now I finally have a frame for my town bike!

EDIT: From my very brief googling, I should be able to run canti’s on a frame built for 27" with 700c wheels.

Depends on the canti’s … you’re looking at 4mm of fudge room, maybe less depending on how you angle the pads. Then there’s always the dremel tool with which you can elongate the slots a little. I’d chance it :wink:

auction ended at just over $100 … hope someone here scored !!

There’s nothing even vaguely cyclocross about them. Heavy and long. But they’re fantastic tourers. My dad had one identical. Smooth as. He ran 27" wheels, so cant comment on the 700c deal.

Cool, good for you … don’t be afraid to load it up for extended touring one day. You’ll find it comes into it’s own with some extra weight on it. It’ll also make a great shopping bike or a townie that will take plenty of abuse.

Look forward to seeing it built up, take your time so you don’t buy the wrong bits. You’ve got a frame with a lot of versatility :wink:

Here’s one Shogun set up in two different ways for a little inspiration …

Ain’t that abit big for you Jolan?

Not for a tourer or a city bike, you’d want a bigger frame so the bars are up a bit higher and so you don’t have to use a hills hoist for a stem.

Touring setup looks sweet, lotsa potential with that frame. Nice work JLN

Cantis may be an issue with 700C, but some models have more range than others. (I’ve even seen a 26" frame with 700C and pads at a 30º angle).

That said, Velocity still make decent 27" rims, and the Sun CR18 is a really good value rim too. Plus you can still get an ok range of 27" tyres that aren’t KMart 5/4" bricks.

This will be ace. Nice score.

Nah, I run LOTS of seat post on my other bikes, and I’m using a shorter stem and Priest-esque bars on this bike.

I should be fine. I hope.

But yeah, once built this will have a front rack, 3ttt Priest-esque bars, Brooks saddle, BIG tyres and full fenders. Hopefully it’ll be a 5 speed rear with a single chainring.

With upright bars you might need just a regular size stem (ie 10cm) maybe longer.

I’ve got a really, really nice 90mm 3ttt stem that I’d love to use (especially seeing I have 3ttt bars), but I also have a 100mm Cinelli stem if need be.

I think the biggest headscrew will be the canti’s. I’m pretty set on using 700c wheels (I have nome nice Campagnolo Gamma rims that I want use), but hopefully other than that, everything should be easy. Oh, and money, that will hold me back too.

Nice pickup.

I got the 3ttt stem that came with those bars JLN quite short with an angry down angle. If you want i can try to dig out

beat me by $2.50 :frowning: