Something is slipping....

Hey Guys,

I did a search and couldn’t really find much, so here goes.

Sometimes when I put a lot of pressure either forwards or backwards on my cranks, they slip about 1/4 of a turn and the back wheel doesn’t move. I think its something wrong with the hub? (theyre shit house stars wheels with quando hubs, going to replace them soon.)



Are you running on cottered cranks? If so, the cotter pin is probably loose, that’s what was happening on my girlfriend’s bike. If not, probably the hubs.

You answered your own question.

Oh and your log/cockring is lose.

Sprocket is slipping. Tighten that, tighten your lockring. Done.


The problem is with your sprocket and lockring. It might jsut be that the sprocket is not tight enough, but it could be that the sprocket is not quite wide enough for the lockring to engage it.

If it’s a cheap sprocket, replace it with a good one.

Whatever you do about it, don’t ride it until you’ve fixed it or you will strip the threads on the hub.

Thanks guys, ill sort it out now.

i think it’s our standards.

Glad to see u have sorted the problem.
But be careful with those cheap wheels. They do look good but twice now my friend has been riding (i think brakeless) and the thread on the hubs has gone altogether. Two different sets of wheels. He’s a heavier guy but still scary.