something or rather

i wasn’t gonna bother posting but went for a ride tonight with the flatmate on his hybrid doing the perth river loop and he wanted to take some night shots with river reflections of the city cos he’s only lived in perth for his entire life…not the best photo but anyway

some kind of lugged steel frame…probs a mcbain or something…maybe 531 steel (i put a sticker on it so it affirms this possible truth in my mind)
miche primato high flange hubs laced to campag atlanta 96 rims
sugino 75 bb
sugino 75 cranks
(sugino 75 chainring bolts (lulz they’re like 80 bucks at a nearby bike shop))
sugino 75 chainring - 49t
miche primato cog carrier with 16t track sprocket
mks gr-9 pedals with all city double straps and double cages
selle italia saddle on a token seat post (i’m lookin for a 26.8 no offset one so hit me up if you got!!)
sr stem to random riz0rz chopped likeabaws to 440mm with CHAMP grips likeachamp