Something to have a go at...on a spare day at DISC (Melb) or Chandler(BNE)

—Ultracycling legend Michael Secrest may be getting older, but he’s also getting faster. On June 16, the 54-year-old broke his own 24-hour indoor unpaced world record with a distance of 535.86 miles (862.73 km) at the ADT Event Center Velodrome in Carson, California. Using a late rush, he extended his record, set last October, by 1.11 miles (1.79 km). His goal was 550 miles but an episode of exercise-induced asthma put him off pace. Secrest, pedaled a 55x15-tooth fixed gear at 78-80 rpm for the first 10:47 of his new record. Then he switched to 55x16. He’s thought to be the only athlete to set world records in the same event in three consecutive decades. In 1985 he rode 516.2 miles (831.1 km). In 1996 he went 532.74 miles (857.7 km).

haha yeah Tristan has already got that and the world 24hour roller distance record on his calendar :slight_smile: I’ve put my name down to be one of the rollerblade support crew… All he needs now is a litterbox** on the back straight:

And a wiztube:

[** note: idea originally by Brent Mc.]

are on catheter installation/maintance duties?