Sometimes I wish I rode track...

…so I had a good reason to buy this:

Wayne Roberts Australian Made Track Frame Columbus EL OS | eBay

Tuesday nights at DISC would welcome you with dry, sarcastic enthusiasm!

seller is a user on here too.

But you know I couldn’t live with myself if you beat me, Rolly.

I like it…

Buy it and have a great reason to race!

its quite nice, would have to consider a sneaky bid if it were a little smaller in the TT

50mm stem and compact drops??

that’s the plan :wink:

nah, it’s a good little crew back down there again, u should come check it out!

Crack looks like its just the filler around the bb flexed away from the shell perhaps?

its all about tight geo bro… but yeah its not a bad idea, will keep an eye on it

that’s what the description suggests…

Nah, it’s fucked. Forget about it. :stuck_out_tongue: