Songs about Tommasini...

Tommasini Columbus frame & fork Art Design MINT (eBay item 150572913037 end time 11-Mar-11 14:00:05 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

Thats hot, I just had an epileptic fit…

Shame you didn’t see it last time it was listed as a whole bike. 377 bux.

And another $300 to ship it… Still a bargain though!

I wish my Tommasini had come out of the factory looking like that! ^ Same frame but different sizes?? And if it is the same frame they’ve slapped on a tubeset decal.

good record. one of the first i ever bought, i think.

Same frame - you can tell from the feedback. COnsidering there is a reserve on it, and that they got wheels/gruppo out of it, they are looking like they will make some decent coin here.

Best paint ever.
I pm’d gypsy this frame today its amazing but it is a little to big or it would have come home.
But i did buy another tommasini lets hope he will post it.

$900 with over 2 days to go! This guy is going to make a killing.